The Belgian Smaak Podcast

We sit down with some of the most high profile people in the world of Belgian beer to discuss beer styles, brands and the stories behind the breweries.

We want to find out what makes beer culture in Belgium so unique.

The Belgian Smaak podcast was recently nominated by New Media Europe as a finalist for the Award of ‘World’s Best Podcast of 2016’.

Special thanks to those that help make this podcast possible, including: Leander Meuris (sound engineer); Sophie Callewaert of Zebra Tales (photographer); Ottelien Muller and all the staff at Huize Colette; Valérie Sombryn at The Bellone in Brussels; Geertrui Ryckaert, Tine Pâquet and everyone at St. Pieter’s AbbeyMike Kearney and Dave Wallace (music composition and recording); Visit Flanders; and Visit Brussels.


EP009 | Jean Van Roy of Brasserie Cantillon | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Jean Van Roy is a brewer and blender at Brasserie Cantillon, a lambic brewery with a colourful history located in the Anderlecht region of Brussels. Here, we discuss with Jean: Cantillon's shift in 1999 to organic ingredients, his thoughts on ...
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EP008 | Yvan De Baets of Brasserie De La Senne | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Yvan De Baets is a social worker, a beer historian and a brewer. He is one of the founding members of Brasserie De La Senne in Brussels, a brewery which set about trying to encapsulate the personality of an off-centre ...
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EP007 | Jean Hummler of Moeder Lambic | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

This year, Brussels beer café, Moeder Lambic celebrates ten years under its current ownership by hosting 10 special events with invited breweries over 10 months. Cantillon, Tilquin, De Ranke, De La Senne, 't Verzet. The list of breweries involved demonstrate ...
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frank boon

EP006 | Frank Boon of Brouwerij Boon | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Frank Boon is an iconic figure. Not just in the world of lambic and geuze. But in the world of beer. Currently the chairperson of a group consisting of the lambic breweries, HORAL and the organiser of the Belgian Brewers ...
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EP005 | Nino Bacelle of Brouwerij De Ranke | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Brouwerij De Ranke emerged in the 1990s from a market of sweet mass-produced beers and the growing influence in Belgium of industrial brewing conglomerates. De Ranke went for bitterness, choosing to use only whole hops in all of their beers: a bitter tripel, a dry saison, ...
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EP004 | Joris Cambie of Hop Farm Brewery ‘De Plukker’ | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

When foreigners talk about Belgian beer, they usually wax lyrical about characterful yeast strains, complex malt bills, and creative use of herbs and spices. Sometimes even about the interesting water profiles in breweries here. There's usually not that much talk ...
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EP003 | Armand Debelder and Michaël Blancquaert of Drie Fonteinen | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

In 2009, a faulty thermostat in a brewery conditioning room caused 13,000 bottles of beer to explode and a further 67,000 to be ruined. The beer was Oud Geuze, a blend of one, two and three year old lambics which ...
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EP002 | Rob Tod and Jason Perkins of Allagash Brewing Company | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Allagash Brewing Company are based in the beautiful state of Maine in the North East of America. They're proud members of the Portland community there, using local producers for many of their ingredients and giving back to that community through various ...
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EP001 | Rudi Ghequire of Rodenbach Brewery | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Rodenbach is a Belgian institution. It is the largest and most iconic producer of flemish red-brown ale and the only brewery which devotes itself entirely to variations of that style. The brewery comprises both state-of-the-art brewing equipment and hall after hall ...
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