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There are plenty of breweries, beer firms and geuzeuries in Belgium with amazing stories and fascinating people. We set out to bring you first-hand accounts which entertain, inform and deepen your understanding and appreciation of them.

Brasserie à Vapeur | Belgium’s Last Steam Powered Brewery

On 25 August 1990, 36 year old Anne-Marie Lemaire – or ‘Sittelle’ as she was known locally – was killed ...
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Brasserie Fantôme and the Enigma of Dany Prignon

Valéry De Breucker pays a visit to Brasserie Fantôme in Soy, Belgium on a short trip home from Brazil, where ...
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Orval Trappist Ale | Changes in Fortune and Secrets of Success

In 2013 a number of high profile publications, including Forbes and the Independent, published erroneous stories about Brasserie d’Orval – ...
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XX Bitter from Brouwerij De Ranke | The Most Bitter Beer in Belgium

In the 1990s, small breweries in Belgium were being bought up by industrial brewing conglomerates and the market was dominated ...
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Whether it’s to ensure your regular festival calendar is in order or to discover new festivals in Belgium, we travel around the country to lay the groundwork for you.

#SMAAKDOWN17 | 3rd Birthday Celebrations of Belgian Smaak [Video & Photos]

Three is the magic number. On 9 February 2014 – three years ago – we started Belgian Smaak as way for us to explore beer and chocolate culture in Belgium ...
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Beer Festival Belgium 2017 | 30 Belgian Beer Festivals Worth The Trip

Beer Festival Belgium 2017. Where do you start? We’ve listed below what we consider to be 30 of the best Belgian beer festivals taking place in 2017. Our list includes ...
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Bruges Beer Festival | Mixing a City’s Art and Beer Culture

Thousands of people pass a large representation of a man made from beer crates as they enter the Beurshal on Hauwerstraat. It’s a creation of local artist and beer lover ...
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Christmas Beer Festival in Essen | Unique and Seasonal

It’s less than one week until Christmas day and hundreds of Belgians are emptying out of lines of buses into the main street of a small town in the northern ...
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Considering trying some new beers from Belgium but a little perplexed with the huge range of choice? Want to hear what’s going on direct from the brewers’ mouths. Looking for some tips on where to drink beer when you come to Belgium? We investigate so that you don’t have to.

frank boon

EP006 | Frank Boon of Brouwerij Boon | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Frank Boon is an iconic figure. Not just in the world of lambic and geuze. But in the world of ...
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EP001 | Rudi Ghequire of Rodenbach Brewery | The Belgian Smaak Podcast

Rodenbach is a Belgian institution. It is the largest and most iconic producer of flemish red-brown ale and the only brewery ...
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37 Belgian Beers Not to Miss | Recommended by Beer Experts

Belgian beers. What’s all the fuss about? After all, Belgium is just slightly bigger in size than Wales with a ...
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15 Common Off Flavours in Beer (and How To Identify Them)

Your beer smells of what? When there is something wrong with your beer – when it has an off flavour ...
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