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You’re a fan of Belgian chocolate. So are we.

But you’d like to find out more about how you can make it and where you can get it. And you’d like to learn more about the people behind the chocolate. That’s where we come in.


We try to inspire you with our own homemade recipes, whether it’s a classic Belgian chocolate praline or a delicious chocolate brownie.

Recipe for Rocky Road | How to Make Rocky Road in 7 Steps

It’s crunchy, soft and chocolatey all at the same time. The beauty of having an easy recipe for Rocky Road means you ...
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Homemade Chocolate Brownies | 10 Step Chocolate Brownie Recipe

It was a dark, cold and wet November evening. Stefanie and I were huddling up together nursing a cup of ...
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Homemade Chocolate Slab Recipe With Nuts | 10 Easy Steps

A homemade chocolate slab is a solid bar of chocolate (preferably Belgian) full of roasted nuts which can be cracked apart and ...
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Belgian Chocolate Mousse | How to Make it in 7 Easy Steps

This Belgian chocolate mousse came about because it was my dad’s birthday Sunday two weeks ago. The Depyperes gathered in ...
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Belgian Chocolate Truffles | How to Make Them In 6 Easy Steps

The term ‘truffle’ derives from the Latin word tuber meaning ‘lump’. While ‘truffles’ can refer to a variety of chocolate ...
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How To Make A Delicious Moelleux (Molten Chocolate Cake): 5 Easy Steps

A moelleux is a hot chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside which runs out when you cut it open. I’ve ...
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We love knowing where our chocolate comes from. We also love finding out about what chocolatiers in Belgium are doing.

10 Facts about Barry Callebaut | World’s Largest Chocolate Factory

Today we’re touring the largest chocolate factory in the world, Barry Callebaut in Wieze, Belgium. Our guide around the factory is Isabelle Prooth who has worked at Barry Callebaut for ...
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Yuzu Chocolates

5 Unique Chocolates | Yuzu Chocolate Shop in Ghent

A ‘Yuzu’ is a citrus fruit which grows on tall trees in Japan. It is sweeter than a lemon but not as sweet as an orange and it is a ...
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White, Milk And Dark Chocolate | What’s the Difference?

I make things with white, milk and dark chocolate. But I also buy white, milk and dark chocolate. And sometimes I even receive gifts of chocolates of these various types ...
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Three Reasons Why Belgian Chocolate Is So Good

I go to Ireland a lot. And I love it. One thing is for sure. Irish people know how to talk. When they find out I’m a Belgian (which sometimes ...
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We give you resources, tips and advice to help you make the most of your skills and passion for chocolate.

7 Belgian Chocolate Recipes | Killer Resource for Chocolate Ideas

You love Belgian chocolate. And you want to try out new and exciting Belgian chocolate recipes. You’re looking for chocolate ...
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Chocolate World in Antwerp | Five Things You Didn’t Know

If you need chocolate moulds for Belgian pralines, take a trip to Chocolate World in Antwerp who specialise in the production of polycarbonate moulds ...
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Chocolate World

Chocolate Moulds | Four Things You Need To Know

Since I’ve started learning how to make chocolate, humble chocolate moulds have become an important part of my life. Chocolate ...
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My Chocolate Toolbox | The 5 most important tools for making pralines

I have accumulated quite the chocolate toolbox over the last few months, so I thought it might be useful to ...
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